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“I walked through the doors of Celebrate Recovery with a clear goal in mind, Fix my husband! If he would change, I could be happy. I began realizing he wasn’t my problem, I was, and I had some changing and healing to do myself.

Since then God has helped me find freedom from chemical dependency & codependency. Although I felt victory from these struggles, something still felt wrong. As a CR leader I denied these feelings and isolated myself while portraying perfection, another struggle I have.

A testimony made its way to our ministry, and through it God revealed to me that I was still angry with him over the death of my brother and that I didn’t trust him. I was blown away, I had convinced myself I had moved past this! Unfortunately I was still trying to control my life while God sat patiently waiting to reveal his path for me. I finally gave in and am now working through a step study to mend my relationship with God in only ways he could show me it was fractured.

 CR continues to provide more opportunity to change my life. What I wanted for myself pales in comparison to what God wants for me! My tiny plans must have made him laugh, because the faith I have in what he has planned for me continues to live in victory after victory in my recovery journey!

Thanks for letting me share.