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I grew up the oldest of four children. My dad was a functioning alcoholic and my mom was a broken and angry woman. My parents’ heated arguments often turned physical.

I was married for the first time at 17. During my pregnancy with our youngest of 2 children the physical abuse began. I felt I was living my mother’s life! I began drinking and seeing other men. My search for love in all the wrong places destroyed my marriage. Within a couple months after my divorce I was married again. Both of us drank excessively and participated in random affairs throughout our marriage. It all came to a head in 2001 when my husband planned to leave me for another woman. I was devastated. After many long days of begging, he decided not to leave.

On the heels of the news of the other woman, my husband lost his job. As a result, we relocated to Michigan in 2002. Sick and tired of the life I was living, I decided something had to change. I found a church and started seeing a Christian counselor. God was working in us and in our marriage. We began serving in the church together. Over time, our pastor approached us about a new ministry he wanted to start at our church. That ministry was Celebrate Recovery. We made plans to attend the Summit in California in the summer of 2007. It was at this Summit that I heard the word “Codependency” for the first time. Everything I had struggled with for my whole life had a name and I wasn’t the only one!

Through Celebrate Recovery, I had finally found the one thing I had been searching for-genuine love and acceptance through Jesus Christ.

Today I celebrate 12 years free from alcohol. It is such a blessing to have my husband with me on this journey. This year we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. Celebrate Recovery is more than a program to us; it is a way of life.

Thanks for letting me share.