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“Our story is one of love at first sight. A single mother marries a military man and moves from state to state, finally settling in NC. David: The marriage was great for the first few years, but things began to change. I began neglecting my wife and was very moody and angry at times for no apparent reason, to her. She was already dealing with being far away from her family, and my family was less than welcoming. The real issue however, was that I had become helplessly addicted to pornography. I lied and hid this from her for several years. My addiction was tearing our marriage apart. We were on the verge of divorce and didn’t know how to fix it. When Celebrate Recovery began at our Church, we both jumped in head first hoping we could find a solution to our trouble. CR led me, through the power of Christ, to confess my addiction.

Pam: I was very hurt by this, but God was working on me too, and I confessed of overspending to cope with my unhappiness which had created financial strain in out marriage. Through serving in our CR, and attending several step studies, God has given us many victories in our marriage. We still struggle at times, but continue to work our steps, and serve In CR all we can.

We can truly say, Celebrate Recovery and the love of Christ, saved our marriage.”
Thanks Pam & David!