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Since I can remember I have always been in trouble with the law. As I struggled through life as a non-believer, fighting, lying, stealing, cheating and abusing drugs, my parents and I started a small business of selling crystal meth. In the midst of that chaos I experienced the most traumatic event in my life. I pulled out in front of a young man on a motorcycle who passed away on his way to the hospital. I tried to end the pain by consuming as much drugs as I could hoping I would die. 2 weeks after the accident the police raided my house and my parents and we all went to jail.

While in jail God led me to a bible study where I felt His presence drawing me closer. I asked for repentance and said to Jesus, “if your really there, I surrender.” I was given a heart transplant. Jesus took my heart of stone and gave me a heart of flesh and put His Spirit inside of me. Looking for ways to support me, my girlfriend started attending a local Celebrate Recovery. Soon after she attended, a man named Scott came to visit me. He sent me a CR Bible and CR Step Study Books. Before you know it, God was using me to lead recovery based small groups inside the jail! As we studied the CR lessons I came across the CONFESS lesson. Proverbs 28:13, He who conceals his sins will not prosper, but the one who confess and renounces them finds mercy. God said to me, “to be free you must not only confess Jesus as your Lord you need to confess your sins." With the Holy Spirit in control I told the detective every place I stole from which piled 3 theft felonies onto my drug felony. Yet, because of God’s amazing grace, I was miraculously released from jail after only 3 months.

As soon as I was released from jail I plugged into 2 local CR ministries with my girlfriend, and our kids began attending Celebration Place. God then called Trish and I to get married and we went to the 2015 ECS for our honeymoon. Today I am the ministry leader of our Celebrate Recovery and a CR state representative. I am a new creation in Christ because of those people that brought Celebrate Recovery into that jail. To those men and women I say thank you. It is my prayer that others answer the call to help bring freedom and purpose to those behind bars in the name of Jesus. Thanks for letting me share.