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All my life I tried to hide the real me with whatever mask I found necessary. I tried to please everyone as I felt this was the best way to avoid getting hurt. The pain of past sexual abuse, being bullied because of my weight, and the resulting fear and confusion in my youth took its toll in adulthood.

My weak self-esteem turned into self hate and I began self-harming and eventually attempted suicide. From one extreme to the next I wrestled against obesity to anorexia which brought me to the brink of death and into the dregs of depression. I can truly say that I would have died if not for Celebrate Recovery.

Celebrate Recovery helped open doors for me to a new safe family who loves me for who I am and who I can become in Jesus Christ. Through working the steps and principles I was able to accept the person I see in the mirror. I admitted I was powerless but not worthless, lost but not a lost cause. Celebrate Recovery helped lead me to a Savior I see now loves me unconditionally, and sees me not for my issues but as His child He sacrificed to save.”

Thanks for letting me share.