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“For a while in the chaos of my life I almost never had a sober moment... cocaine , drinking, weed every day. I was a firefighter and a paramedic, but once I retired it was a fast and steady spiral downhill. The drugs and alcohol were not enough to numb the pain I felt inside and I became suicidal. In prison, completely hitting bottom I attempted to take my life on March 22,2016. Miraculously I was literally shocked back to life.

It was out of that dark place where all seemed lost- my freedom, my hope and almost my life, I found Jesus submitting myself to Him. It was through His power that I gained my sobriety and a purpose to keep living! After prison I plugged into a great church and I have never looked back. I am back on 2 wheels by the grace of God, slinging hope through the ministry of Celebrate Recovery and Broken Chains where people are finding hope and healing out of the darkness just like me! Thanks for letting me share.