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Security & Settings

It is always a risk when doing anything online. We can take extra precautions with the settings we enable or disable in zoom and as the host of a meeting, which will be discussed at the end of this answer, and are discussed at length in the Zoom settings video found on the CRCR webpage. However, there can never be a guarantee of complete security. This is why our stance has not changed that online groups are not safe and why these Crisis Response groups will end once restrictions are lifted, and why we are not allowing Crisis Response Step Study groups at this time. A few recommended settings and steps you can take to increase safety include:

~Enable Require Encryption for 3rd Party Endpoints

~Enable Require a password when scheduling new meetings

~Disable Embed password in meeting link for one-click join

~Disable all recording settings

~Enable Waiting Room

~Once in the meeting, under Manage Participants>More, enable lock the meeting after a specified time before sharing begins

~Send the invite and password to join the meeting in different emails, or even one in email and one in text to keep the information separate in case your email is hacked

~Make sure and watch the Zoom settings video in full, which can be found on the CRCR webpage


on Wednesday April 01
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Yes, you can absolutely require this as a safety measure, in face we recommend it. When the Ministry Leader or group leader sends the invite/ID, it should include a message not to forward the invite or meeting ID to anyone, but to contact the Ministry Leader or group leader who sent it to them if there is someone they would like invited to the group. Then the Ministry Leader or group leader can follow up with that person and either go over the process/guidelines of the group if it is someone who was an active participant in their CR, or to go over "Newcomer 101" information and get to know them a little before inviting them to the group if they are a newcomer. 

on Thursday April 02
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We are doing our very best to learn and share information regarding the safety and security of the CRCR open share groups. Our stance has not changed that online groups are not safe. However, because of the unprecedented time we are in, we felt there needed to be something we could offer temporarily because contact and sharing is so crucial to recovery. So, we are doing our best to add additional guidelines and outline security settings to make them as safe as is possible, and we are not allowing step studies, which involve much deeper, more personal sharing. This is only a temporary measure, and the groups will be shut down once we are past the stay-at-home restrictions. The main concerns will always be about protecting anonymity, confidentiality, and security of the groups. There is ALWAYS risk associated with doing anything online. Please see the featured question in the CRCR groups section of the FAQs and the settings and security video and document for more information.

on Monday April 06
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The Ministry Leader or Leader of the group should have contact information for the participants in the CRCR groups. A participant can reach out to them asking them to find out if the other participant(s) is comfortable with his/her contact information being shared with another participant.

on Friday April 17
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Thank you for your question. In regards to zoom and Hippa compliance, "Providers using Zoom must make Zoom HIPAA compliant. This means that providers must take a series of measures that will allow use of Zoom to comply with the HIPAA rules." ~

In the wake of the security concerns, Zoom has made many of its security settings that allow for Hippa compliance the default settings, rather than the user having to turn them "on or off" depending on the setting. And we continue to stress the settings and steps to take to keep the groups as safe and secure as possible. This does not mean we will not continue to evaluate it and other platforms. 


on Saturday April 18
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