“Core DNA” refers to the key aspects of the Landing that must be adhered to in order to be considered an official Landing, listed on the Celebrate Recovery website, be a part of the Landing closed Facebook group, and have the support of our network of CR and Landing Representatives.  You may always use the material from the Landing, however, if you choose not to adhere to any one of these aspects you will not be permitted to use “the Landing” name or be recognized as a Landing by Celebrate Recovery.

The core DNA for the Landing mirrors that of Celebrate Recovery:

  1. Jesus Christ is the one and only True Higher Power. This program is 100% Christ-centered.
  2. We utilize exclusively the Landing curriculum in our meeting nights.
  3. The Landing is Group-Based. Small Groups are an essential part of the Landing and must be a part of your ministry.  Small Groups are gender specific and must be led by a leader of the corresponding gender.  The 5 Celebrate Recovery Small Group Guidelines must be read, implemented, and followed every week, in every small group, no exceptions.  These guidelines are the key to keeping your groups safe and effective.
  4. There are no online Landing groups. Face to face meetings ONLY.  Also no Landing lessons are to be posted online via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or any other public forum as this is a copyright violation.
  5. We expect every Landing to be held accountable to and fall under the authority of: Christ, a DNA-compatible Celebrate Recovery, and the local church that is over that Celebrate Recovery.
  6. The Landing is the student ministry of Celebrate Recovery, and Celebrate Recovery is a ministry of the local church. Therefore, Celebrate Recovery will not attempt to dictate any doctrine or policy to a local church.  A local Celebrate Recovery and the Landing that falls under it should follow the policies of their local church and continue to be grateful for their continued support.